Grandjean, Louis

Friday 29 July 2011
by frederic pouvesle

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Louis Stanislas Françoise Grandjean

Born on 25 January 1777 in Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle), died 2 July 1821 in Luxeuil (Saône).

Louis Grandjean joins the 8th Dragoons Regiment on 18 August 1794 and takes part in the campaigns of 1794 and 1795 in the army of the Rhine. He is promoted to corporal on 9 December 1796 and campaigns during 1797 and 1798 in the army of Italy. Transferred into the 3rd Cavalry Regiment on 23 January 1799, he becomes Sergeant-Major on 5 February, and moves as Second-Lieutenant to the Mounted Guides on 8 February 1799 where he becomes Lieutenant on 20 April. He is wounded at Vaprio and Cassano and is promoted to Captain on 3 May 1800. He is transferred to the 15th Cavalry Regiment on 23 October 1800, renames 24th Dragoons Regiment in 1803. Admitted with his rank in the Horse Grenadiers Regiment of the Guard on September 1805, he takes part in the campaigns of 1806 in Prussia and 1807 in Poland. He is awarded Knight’s cross of the Legion of Honour on 14 May 1806 and is wounded at Eylau. Promoted to major in the Dragoons Regiment of the Guard on 8 July 1807, he is in Spain in 1808 and is wounded at Medina-del-Rio-Secco.

Grandjean is awarded Officer’s cross of the Legion of Honour on 4 September 1808, elevated to the rank of chevalier of the Empire on 28 May 1809 and appointed as colonel of the 8th Cuirassiers Regiment on 5 June 1809. He takes part in the Austrian campaign in 1809 and is raised to the rank of baron of the Empire on 15 August 1809. During the campaign of Russia, it distinguishes himself at Borodino where he is wounded. Evacuated to France, he is allowed to take retirement but recalled on 18 January 1814 to serve in the general cavalry depot of Versailles.

After the abdication, he is appointed as colonel of the Queen’s Cuirassiers Regiment (2nd cuirassiers) on 28 September 1814. He keeps his command during the Hundred Days and is wounded at Waterloo. After the second Restoration, he is laid off on 10 December 1815 and made to take retirement on 10 February 1816.









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