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11462. Delacroix, Charles

Thursday 27 June 2013, by frederic pouvesle

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Charles Henri Delacroix

Born on 9 January 1779 in Paris (Seine), died on 30 December 1845 in Bordeaux (Gironde).

Charles Delacroix enlists on 4 November 1793 as volunteer in the Navy and becomes 1st Class Ensign on 27 April 1794. Dismissed in 1796, he reenlists as Second-Lieutenant in the 9th Chasseurs-a-Cheval Regiment on 8 January 1799 and takes part in the campaign of 1799 in the Army of Italy, where his gallant conduct owes him to be appointed as Lieutenant by General Joubert on next 13 August. Accepted with his rank in the Chasseurs-a-Cheval Regiment of the Consular Guard on 3 January 1800, he distinguishes himself at Marengo, becomes Captain on 26 October 1800, and is awarded with Knight’s cross of the Legion d’Honneur on 14 June 1804. Promoted to Major on 6 June 1805, he is appointed as Aide to Prince Eugene, takes part in the campaigns of 1805-1806 in Italy, and is awarded with Officer’s cross of the Legion d’Honneur on 19 December 1807.

Appointed as Colonel of the 9th Chasseurs-a-Cheval Regiment on 20 August 1808, he takes part in the campaign of 1809 in Italy and Austria, where he is wounded at Raab. Appointed again as Aide to Prince Eugene on 10 July 1809, he is elevated to the rank of Baron of the Empire on next 15 August. He takes part in the Russian campaign of 1812 and is wounded at the Dvina crossing and sent to the hospital of Vilna, where he is taken as prisoner in December; he was meanwhile awarded with Commander’s cross of the Legion d’Honneur on 15 August 1812.

Returned to France after the Emperor’s abdication, he is placed in non-activity and is awarded with Knight’s cross of the Royal and Military Order of Saint-Louis on 26 October 1814. Promoted to honorary Brigadier-General on 10 March 1815, he is allowed to take retirement on 2 March 1816.

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